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JPEG 2000 and ECW conversion tools

In addition to the Converter shipping with infiniMap there are numerous other tools to convert images to the JPEG 2000 or the ECW image file format:

  • Photoshop® CC by Adobe (http://www.adobe.com)
    Photoshop® now supports JPEG 2000 images as well, so you can save your images in JPEG 2000 from within Photoshop® CC
  • j2k by Fnord software (http://www.fnordware.com/j2k/)
    A free compression/decompression library for Photoshop® and After Effects®, both Mac and Windows are supported.
  • LuraWave by LuraTech (http://www.luratech.com)
    A commercial compressor available either as a stand-alone tool or as a Photoshop® plugin.

Most of these compression tools will choke on images that are larger than your main memory. Also TIFF images beyond 2GB are a problem for most conversion tools (since the TIFF standard is only a 32bit standard).

For large scale compression we recommend Power Compressor by Hexagon (http://www.hexagongeospatial.com/products/power-portfolio/compression - formerly ER Mapper) or Manifold® System by manifold.net (http://www.manifold.net) for the budget conscious.

OpenEXR related tools

We recommend ProEXR ( http://www.fnordware.com/ProEXR/ ), there you will also find some simple command line tools to display OpenEXR images or to extract detailed information.

New applications such as Affinity Photo ( https://affinity.serif.com ) also support OpenEXR images (as well as layered OpenEXR images) natively.

Tips & Tricks

  • To speed up the Surface Editor, increase the size of the preview sphere visible at the top of the Surface Editor, or set the 'Refresh Rate' to 'Manual' in the Surface Editor options.
  • Our free db&w Tools (available for free at http://tools.db-w.com ) include nodes that complement infiniMap, such as a simple colour correction node or a node to convert colour spaces.
  • On OSX the number of open files per process is limited to 256 files as a default. As a result of this, infiniMap can use around 200 images per session.
    This limit can be increased, but requires some work in Terminal. The line:
    limit maxfiles 512 1000000
    needs to be added to the file /etc/launchd.conf (if it doesn't exist then it needs to be created) and increases the limit to 512 files. This is a plain text file. It will be active after a reboot.
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