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 +===== Version 2019.12.18 =====
 +  * Added the first changes to the Spline Toolkit:
 +    * Add the option to evaluate a spline at a real world distance along the spline, as opposed to a %
 +    * Patron Request: Added command to add and edit a spline in one go.
 +    * Patron Request: Added relative distance evaluation mode, which uses a percentage but based on the spline lenght to allow for constant speed along the spline.
 +    * Fixed a crash if the evaluation/​display steps are set to 0. Why do you do this to me? ;)
 +  * **A Merry Christmas to all of our patrons** - This year you get the Instance Inspector node as a present:​[[tools:​instance_inspector]]
 ===== Version 2019.12.02 ===== ===== Version 2019.12.02 =====
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