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 ====== Changes ====== ====== Changes ======
 +<WRAP important>​ We recommend removing any previous versions in the LightWave 3D plug-in editor and re-adding the current one to make sure that all new plugins are available.</​WRAP>​
-===== Version 2019.01.28 ===== 
-**!!! If you didn't run the Preview, please remove any previous builds in the plug-in editor and re-add this build. !!!** 
-  * Final version of the [[tools:​start#​logic|Logic Nodes]] for January 2019, mainly GUI fixes since 2019.01.23 
-  * Windows only: [[tools:​renderpriority|Render Priority]] can now detect if VPR is active and will optionally change the priority then as well. 
-===== Version 2019.01.23 *Preview* ​===== +===== Version 2019.11.11 =====
-  * Added the Logic Nodes: [[tools:​bool_compare|]],​ [[tools:​bool_logic|]],​ [[tools:​raytype_comp|]] and [[tools:​bool_switch|]]. \\ Please refer to [[tools/​start#​logic]] for the preliminary documentation.+
-===== Version 2019.01.02 =====+  * S-Tk: Fixed issues with the undo not working as expectedIf you still find any issues, please get in touch with specific steps. 
 +  * S-Tk: Added empty lines to the RMB menus to group related items. 
 +  * Halloween is over and our hidden change is gone as well.
-  * Final Version ​of the [[multiimage_sampler]] +===== Version ​2019.11.01 =====
-  * Added the [[reflection_lines]] procedural texture, our (late) Christmas present for patrons. +
-  * Added a Time input to the [[variables]] nodes, allowing for the envelopes to be sampled at a specific time: +
-===== Version 2018.12.18 ===== +  ​S-Tk: Added the new shape animation tools to the db&w Spline primitive as well as the Spline Edit tool. [[tools:s-tk:​layout-tool-animation#​shape_animation|Edit Tool: Shape Animation]] 
-  ​Fixed an issue where the [[tools:multiimage_sampler|]] would crash if the first image was removed from the list.+  * This is pumpkin themed, Halloween special edition - if you can spot it. The next release will be back to normal.
-===== Version ​2018.12.17 =====+===== Version ​2019.10.04 =====
-  * Added a preview version ​of the new [[multiimage_sampler]]+  * S-Tk: Re-worked the drawing ​of the spline "​shadow"​. It is now drawn in world space at the back (from the view position) of the bounding box for the spline, using the axis colours. \\ Known Issues: If the transformation of the item hosting the db&w Spline primitive is changed ((usually by changing it interactively,​ i.e. moving the item)), the shadow will sometimes not update until you scrub a frame. 
 +===== Version 2019.10.02 =====
-===== Version 2018.12.03a =====+  * S-Tk: Added animation to the Spline Tool ( [[tools:​s-tk:​layout-tool-animation]] ) and made sure the evaluating plugins use it as wellPlease consider this as a beta/​preview release for now.
-  * The first release featuring a Plugin of the Month thanks to our patrons +===== Version 2019.09.11 =====  
-  * Add the [[tools:triplanar_mapper|]] +  * S-TkFixed the spline edit tool crashing then a spline with no knots is closed.
-  * Add the final version of the [[tools:​triplanar_mixer|]]+
-===== Version ​2018.11.19 =====+===== Version ​2019.08.27 ===== 
 +  * S-Tk: Fixed various issues with the evaluation and draw caches not always updating as expected while editing a spline.
-  * Changed the version naming to be Year-Month-Day as we'll have more builds due to the Patreon +===== Version 2019.08.25 ===== 
-  * Added "​Simple"​ and "​Chaos"​ methods to the [[tools:tonemapper|]] for #​ThankYouPatrons +  * S-Tk: Added the [[tools:s-tk:​displacement-node|]] to the Plugin of the Month. 
-  Added the first version of the [[tools:​triplanar_mixer|]]+    Fixed an issue where mis-clicking while the Spline Edit tool was active would select another item. 
-===== Version ​2018.0.=====+===== Version ​2019.08.20 ===== 
 +  * S-Tk: Added the Plugin of the Month: [[tools:​s-tk:​proximity-node|]]. 
 +    * Added an option to display the "​shadow"​ of the selected spline in the Spline Preferences 
 +    * Added an option to save the current settings as defaults in the Spline Preferences. This are stored in the LW config directory. 
 +    * Some performance tweaks to when the spline primitive pre-computes caches.
-  ​Added Render Priority for Windows only.+===== Version 2019.08.08a ===== 
 +  ​S-Tk: Fixed an issue of the spline editor crashing if an item that doesn'​t contain a spline was selected and some various operations were performed.
-===== Version 2018.0.3 ===== 
-  * Rewrite of the Single Light Shader node to use the new lighting system.+===== Version 2019.08.08 =====
-===== Version 2018 =====+  * S-Tk: Changes to alignment and the edit tool: 
 +    * Twist is gone, the alignment is now controlled using an up vector that can be edited 
 +    * Due to changes in how the alignment is computed, the evaluation steps setting is gone now. 
 +    * A bug the caused the evaluation per span not to work as expected has been fixed 
 +    * While editing a spline using the Layout Tool, a new spline can be selected for editing. Caution: This clears the undo stack! 
 +    * Changed the prefs by adding a tab for selected and deselected splines. The alignment drawing can be selected for each of these states. 
 +    * Some sample scenes have been created for the Spline Toolkit. The link is included in the mails sent to patrons.
-The first version for LightWave 2018 (only) removing or replacing incompatible plugins.+=====Version 2019.08.03===== 
 +  * S-Tk: The first stage of the Spline Toolkit is included: 
 +    * Now it works on macOS as well 
 +    * There'​s a whole section on the wiki dedicated to it: https://​wiki.db-w.com/​tools/​s-tk/​start 
 +    * Known issues: Orientation along the spline is still wonky and requires a second look and more thought. 
 +  * Channel Blender now has the option to swap channel components around 
 +  * Scene Comment is back and now it's using LW's internal text editor component.
----- +===== Version 2019.07.03 ​===== 
-===== Legacy versions ​===== +  * Added a button to the respective documentation in the wiki to all plugins that display the db&w Tools logo in the GUI. 
-=== Version ​2.===+  * Added Preview version of S-tk - More information is available here: https://​www.patreon.com/​posts/​update-first-s-28101403 
 +  * Added dbwTools.cfg,​ which can be imported as a menu branch in the Layout Menu Editor. 
 +===== Version ​2019.05.28=====  
 +  * Added matrix operations to [[multi-maths]],​ this is the release version.
-  * The Tint Strength input in the Simple Colour Corrector Node was of the colour type, but should be a scalar+===== Version 2019.05.20===== ​ 
-  * Added Material Tweaker +  * Added the first version of X-Maths: [[multi-maths]] Matrix operations will be added as well 
-  * The blending modes in the Material Blender were not processed correctly. Please note that this is **breaking change** if either the modes or the opacity were used. +  * Fixed an issue in the Multi-Switcher nodes where inputs got lost when copying ​a node.
-  * The min/max nodal inputs of the Remap node were swapped. This is a **breaking change**.+
-=== Version 2.0 === 
-  * Added Ratio node to split a value according to a percentage +===== Version 2019.05.01 =====
-  * Added "​Luminance Gamma" to the Simple Colour CorrectorThis changes the gamma on the luminance channel preserving both hue and saturation. +
-  * Added "Clamp Output"​ option to the Simple Colour Corrector. This limits the output to the range from 0.0 to 1.0 +
-  * Fixed a potential crash in the Simple Colour Corrector if a negative value made it through to gamma changes +
-  * Added "No Radiosity Reflectivity"​ to Schlick'​s,​ causing it to set the reflectivy to 0% for all rays that sample radiosity +
-  * Speed up to the Cache node +
-  * The "​Clamp"​ option wasn't copied with the Remap node+
-=== Version 1.9a ===+  * Final version of the three Multi-Switcher nodes, the Plugin of the Month for AprilThe documentation is available here: [[multiswitcher]] 
 +  * Added the "Get Automatic Size" as a bonus plugin for you supporting us for six months on Patreon. The documentation is available here: [[get_auto_size]]
-  * fixed a crash in "​Revenge of the Lenscap"​+===== Version 2019.04.22 =====
-=== Version 1.9 ===+  * Added at the initial version of the three Multi-Switcher nodes, the Plugin of the Month for April.  
 +  * Fixed a multi-threading issue evaluating envelopes in the variable nodes while rendering (this is only relevant if the Time input is used).
-  * Added Schlick'​s Approximation +===== Version 2019.04.02 =====
-  * Fixed various issues when nodes were used in Modeler+
-=== Version 1.8 ===+  * Includes the final release of the UV Distort tool for Modeler. Select a UV map, select some geometry, activate the tool and work away in a UV view. 
 +    * a right click will recall the last settings used by the tool during the current modelling session. 
 +    * there is a glitch in the GUI sizing code, due to a bug in LW. Changing the size of the panel will fix it. 
 +    * The documentation will be added to the wiki soon. 
 +  * Fixed an issue in the Luminosity gamma of all simple colour correction tools, which could lead to a hang while rendering.
-  * fixed compatibility issues with the pixel filter in LW10 +===== Version 2019.03.19 =====
-  * fixed an issue with the Cache node when rendering using VPR in LW10 +
-  * Added a Scene Comment master plugin (It requires TextWrangler as well as the matching command line tools to be installed on OSX) +
-  * Added the (experimental) StickyFrontUV node which can create front projection UVs for compositing\\ Those stick to the item if it is transformedDeformations are not supported. +
-  * Added a Colour Space node to convert from one colour space to another (LW10 only) +
-  * Added a Colour Space Converter Generic plug-in to convert from one colour space to another (LW10 only) \\ You can copy and paste colour values throughout LW using the following shortcuts (on the colour swatches):+
-  ​Shift-RMB : Copy +  ​* Includes the first preview version of the UV Distort tool for Modeler. Select a UV map, select some geometry, activate the tool and work away in a UV view. 
-  ​Ctrl-RMB : Paste+  ​* Includes the Motion Vector Node for the OD Houdini Shelf Tools 
 +  * various small fixes
-=== Version ​1.===+===== Version ​2019.03.01 =====
-  * Added the DepthLimiter Pixel filterIt clamps ​the maximum distance stored ​in the depth buffer to increase the quality ​of depth Anti-aliasing.+  * This build included the final version of the Multi-Image Sampler 
 +  * Multi-Image Sampler: ​Added a TileValue output which can be used to mask other tools. 
 +  * Multi-Image Sampler: Exposed ​the Noise Frequency for better control of the randomness. 
 +  * Multi-Image Sampler: Replaced ​the Probability vector with three different envelopes. 
 +  * Multi-Image Sampler and other nodes that display images ​in the GUI: Transparent images will now be displayed in front of a checkerboard.
-=== Version ​1.6a ===+===== Version ​2019.02.26 ===== 
 +  * macOS only: As of this version, the minimum requirement for the db&w Tools is macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or higher. 
 +  * Added the preview version of the plugin of the month for February 2019, the Random Image Mapper node. \\ Preliminary documentation is available here: [[random_image_mapper]] 
 +  * Multi-Image Sampler: Bump now takes the alpha channel of the image into account. 
 +  * Multi-Image Sampler: The list now works in LightWave 3D 2019 
 +  * Multi-Image Sampler: Minor tweaks to the GUI 
 +  * Single Light Lambert: When selecting no light, all lights are used again.
-  * The Cache node didn't cache due to a change in codeNow it does - again.+===== Version 2019.01.28 ===== 
-=== Version 1.6 ===+  * Final version of the [[tools:​start#​logic|Logic Nodes]] for January 2019, mainly GUI fixes since 2019.01.23 
 +  * Windows only: [[tools:​renderpriority|Render Priority]] can now detect if VPR is active and will optionally change the priority then as well.
-  * Added Illuminance option and function input to the Single Light Lambert node 
-  * Added Remap node 
-  * Fixed an issue with the single light illumination node in Modeler 
-  * Added PPC 64-bit to the OSX version 
-=== Version ​1.5a ===+===== Version ​2019.01.23 *Preview* ​===== 
 +  * Added the Logic Nodes: [[tools:​bool_compare|]],​ [[tools:​bool_logic|]],​ [[tools:​raytype_comp|]] and [[tools:​bool_switch|]]. \\ Please refer to [[tools/​start#​logic]] for the preliminary documentation.
-  * fixed an issue with the simple colour corrector image filter not using the values entered by the user +===== Version 2019.01.02 =====
-  * initial 64-bit OSX version+
-=== Version ​1.5 ===+  * Final Version ​of the [[multiimage_sampler]] 
 +  * Added the [[reflection_lines]] procedural texture, our (late) Christmas present for patrons. 
 +  * Added a Time input to the [[variables]] nodes, allowing for the envelopes to be sampled at a specific time: 
-  * Added Sequence node +===== Version 2018.12.18 ===== 
-  * Added "​Revenge of the Lenscap" ​image viewer (Please be careful with that one!) +  * Fixed an issue where the [[tools:​multiimage_sampler|]] would crash if the first image was removed from the list.
-  * various extensions to existing nodes +
-  * various bug fixes +
-  * added on-line documentation at http://​tools.db-w.com/+
-=== Version ​1.===+===== Version ​2018.12.17 =====
-  * Added Extended Spot Info Node +  * Added a preview version of the new [[multiimage_sampler]]
-  * Added Time Info Node+
-=== Version ​1.3b ===+===== Version ​2018.12.03a =====
-  * Removed ​the preview from the Cache node due to obscure crashes with third party nodes (SG_AmbOcc to be precise) +  * The first release featuring a Plugin of the Month thanks ​to our patrons 
-  * Added a "Pass Through"​ option to the Cache Node to quickly disable it +  * Add the [[tools:​triplanar_mapper|]] 
-  * The Scalar Booster wasn't added to LightWave 3D properly, please re-add ​the plugin to get it.+  * Add the final version of the [[tools:​triplanar_mixer|]]
-=== Version ​1.3a ===+===== Version ​2018.11.19 =====
-  * fixed a crash bug in the Cache Node related ​to multi-threading +  * Changed ​the version naming ​to be Year-Month-Day as we'll have more builds due to the Patreon 
-  * fixed an issue in the Material Blender +  * Added "​Simple"​ and "​Chaos"​ methods to the [[tools:​tonemapper|]] for #​ThankYouPatrons 
-  * fixed Modeler issues in the booster nodes as well as the cache node+  * Added the first version of the [[tools:​triplanar_mixer|]]
-=== Version ​1.=== +===== Version ​2018.0.4 =====
-  * Further speed improvements to the material blender node +
-  * Four new nodes: Cache, Material Booster, Colour Booster and Scalar Booster+
-=== Version 1.2 ===+  * Added Render Priority for Windows only.
-  * Speed ups to the material blender if the opacity is 0+===== Version 2018.0.3 =====
-  * Added Channel Blender and Single Light Illumination Nodes.+
-=== Version 1.1b ===+  * Rewrite of the Single Light Shader node to use the new lighting system.
-  * fixes a bug that made the Material Blender unuseable for ... materials :( *sigh* +===== Version 2018 =====
-  * fixes a bug that caused the 32bit version of the Notifier to crash on Vista x64+
-=== Version 1.1a ===+The first version for LightWave 2018 (only) removing or replacing incompatible plugins.
-  * fixes a bug that only affects the Material Blender for OSX-CFM, the other plugins have not changed. +----
- +
-=== Version 1.0 ===+
-  * initial release+[[legacy_changelog]]
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