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 <WRAP important>​ We recommend removing any previous versions in the LightWave 3D plug-in editor and re-adding the current one to make sure that all new plugins are available.</​WRAP>​ <WRAP important>​ We recommend removing any previous versions in the LightWave 3D plug-in editor and re-adding the current one to make sure that all new plugins are available.</​WRAP>​
 +===== Version 2020.02.02 =====
 +  * Added the db&w Spline Deformer modifier, which is available directly in the object properties. It is identical to the deformer, but a little bit faster as well.
 +  * Fixed a few minor issues
 +  * Couldn'​t resist to release today due to the date.
 +===== Version 2020.01.29 =====
 +  * The Spline Deformer node is feature complete, World Coordinates and the Reference Item work as well now.
 +  * A Spline Displacement Modifier, to be used directly in the Object panel, will be added in the next few days.
 +  * Minor tweaks to the Spline Deformer node.
 +  * Added the documentation for dbwOpenDir and the Spline Deformer node.
 +  * Updated the db&w Tools Menu branch (dbwTools.cfg)
 +===== Version 2020.01.24 =====
 +  * **Preview Build**
 +  * This build includes the first version of the Spline Deformer node. World Coordinates and the Reference Object are currently not supported.
 +  * "​dbwOpenDir"​ has been included as well, this generic plugin opens the LW Settings directory in Explorer/​Finder by default, but can also open other directories.
 +===== Version 2019.12.18 =====
 +  * Added the first changes to the Spline Toolkit:
 +    * Add the option to evaluate a spline at a real world distance along the spline, as opposed to a %
 +    * Patron Request: Added command to add and edit a spline in one go.
 +    * Patron Request: Added relative distance evaluation mode, which uses a percentage but based on the spline lenght to allow for constant speed along the spline.
 +    * Fixed a crash if the evaluation/​display steps are set to 0. Why do you do this to me? ;)
 +  * **A Merry Christmas to all of our patrons** - This year you get the Instance Inspector node as a present:​[[tools:​instance_inspector]]
 +===== Version 2019.12.02 =====
 +  * Added a viewport button to toggle the DoF for the selected camera to the [[tools:​dofhelper]].
 +  * Removed the need for a Projection node for many plugins. If the Projection input is not connected, the default UV Map will be used. This concerns [[tools:​weave]],​ [[tools:​multiimage_sampler|]] and [[tools:​random_image_mapper|]].
 +===== Version 2019.11.25 =====
 +  * Added a new view mode to [[tools:​dofhelper]],​ updated the documentation.
 +  * Fixed some issues in [[tools:​weave]],​ changed the labels of some controls and inputs/​outputs,​ tweaked the GUI and updated the docs.
 +===== Version 2019.11.22 =====
 +  * Added the Preview version of [[tools:​dofhelper]],​ the Plugin of the Month for November 2019.
 +  * Added [[tools:​weave]],​ a 2D Texture node as a bonus for #​ThankYouPatrons day. And yes, we really do thank all of our patrons. :) [[tools:​weave]]
 +===== Version 2019.11.11 =====
 +  * S-Tk: Fixed issues with the undo not working as expected. If you still find any issues, please get in touch with specific steps.
 +  * S-Tk: Added empty lines to the RMB menus to group related items.
 +  * Halloween is over and our hidden change is gone as well.
 +===== Version 2019.11.01 =====
 +  * S-Tk: Added the new shape animation tools to the db&w Spline primitive as well as the Spline Edit tool. [[tools:​s-tk:​layout-tool-animation#​shape_animation|Edit Tool: Shape Animation]]
 +  * This is pumpkin themed, Halloween special edition - if you can spot it. The next release will be back to normal.
 ===== Version 2019.10.04 ===== ===== Version 2019.10.04 =====
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