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 ====== Proposals that have been implemented ====== ====== Proposals that have been implemented ======
 +===== Multi Variables Node =====
 +Implemented in March 2020
 +A node that provides multiple values types as nodal outputs and GUI controls. They can be customized.
 +The idea is to allow for creating once node that holds a collection of parameters used elsewhere in the node graph.
 +Starts out as an empty node, new outputs are added by right clicking on the node.
 +Outputs and respective controls may possibly be renamed.
 +Bonus node: Elbow
 +An empty node where inputs can be added, which pass through to automatically added outputs. Used to clean up the layout of node graphs.
 ===== Oscillator - node/motion modifier ===== ===== Oscillator - node/motion modifier =====
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