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Plugin Proposals

This is a list of plugin ideas that have been vetted and will at some point in time be available for voting by patrons.

UV Transform

Similar in functionality to the UV Distort tool developed in March 2019. However, this will allow you to move, rotate and resize a selection of points in UV space using a bounding box interface. Similar to the transform tool in Photoshop.

Fog Pixel Filter

An attempt to bring old school simple fog back to LightWave 3D. This will change the colour of render samples depending on the distance to the camera, using settings similar to the fog that was available in 2015 and earlier. It will also take the item flags for fog into account. One caveat: Due to the nature of pixel filters, there will be no fog behind transparencies.

Spline Toolkit (S-Tk)

Image Layers

A set of tools to deal with items that stem from a multi-layered image file. Could even be based on a new Primitive Type as well.

Proposals that have been implemented

DoF Tool

Implemented in November 2019.

An interactive tool to set the DoF parameters for a camera, including animated values.

Will also display the volume that's in focus and provide handles for the near, far and focal point.

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