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 +====== Preset System ======
 +This Preset system is used by various db&w Plugins.
 +Using the Presets pop-up you can apply any of your presets, save your current settings as a preset or delete existing presets.
 +Our plugins have their own system to manage presets. The main reason for developing a custom system was to differentiate between user, global and project (content directory) specific settings.
 +**user** presets are stored in the same directory where your LightWave3D configuration files are stored, in a subdirectory called “SimplePresets”.
 +**global** presets are stored in a directory that is accessible to all users on the current machine (and can be mirrored on a server).
 +On Windows the location is:
 +  %allusersprofile%\Documents\dbw\LightWavePlugins\
 +On MacOS it is
 +  /Library/Preferences/LightWave3D/SimplePresets/
 +**Content** presets are stored in the current content directory.
 +The system supports the concept of **default** presets. If you name a preset “**default**” then it will be loaded automatically if the plugin is added to a scene.
 +The plugin searches for **default** presets in the **user**, **global** and **content** presets in exactly that order. This means that a **default** content preset overrides a global default which in turn has precedence over a user preset.
 +==== Custom directories for presets ====
 +It is possible to define user directories to store the presets in. This is done by placing a text file called "SimplePresetPaths.cfg" either into:
 +  * The LightWave/Programs directory
 +  * The directory where the LW settings are located
 +  * and/or the content directory.
 +The files are read in that order, and preset paths defined in an earlier configuration file can be overwritten.
 +The text file should be formatted as such
 +  # this is just a comment, anything that starts with a # is ignored
 +  # first the name of the path as displayed to the user (without spaces)
 +  # followed by the path
 +  network \\db-w\lightwave\presets
 +  local_temp c:\my_temp_presets
 +The path name is not case sensitive, it will be capitalized automatically. It may not contain spaces though.
 +You can also overwrite the existing default paths by using user, content or global as path names.
 +The custom directories are shared by all db&w plugins that use this preset system.
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