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 ====== FAQ ====== ====== FAQ ======
 +===== I can't create an OpenGL proxy layer from the Shader =====
 +Unfortunately,​ for this to work from the shader you will have to manually activate the texture layering on the surface colour.
 +Click on the [T] button to the right of the surface base colour once to activate it. Now the infiniMap shader can create an OpenGL proxy layer for that surface.
 +===== I've created an OpenGL proxy layer, but I don't see it in the texture layer window (it does show in OpenGL though) =====
 +While the layer has actually been created, LightWave3D will not display the layer in the texture list until you close and re-open the texture list.
 +===== No image preview in the Modeler when working on the procedural texture =====
 +Due to a limitation imposed by LightWave 3D, the image preview is not available in the procedural texture component of infiniMap 3D when running in Modeler.
 +===== I change the preview resolution, but the Preview / VIPER doesn'​t update =====
 +Sometimes LightWave3D doesn'​t register the fact that a texture value has been changed. Switching the preview resolution is one of those cases. If it happens, please refresh the preview or VPR manually.
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